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Hesperian Cleaners is the first dry cleaner who recieved the Environmental Business Award for being green in the Bay Area. We are a Cerified Green Business
Water Smart Business Certificate from the E.B.M.U.D.  
  Green for a Cleaner and Brighter Future  

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February 4, 2010

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Hesperian Cleaners…

Green for a Cleaner and Brighter Future

Danville, CA…With the world becoming more and more aware of the green initiative, people and businesses are looking for healthier options in their daily lives at home and in the workplace, to preserve the environment. To some degree, each and every single person can do his/her part in “going green,” whether it be as little as switching from using an old incandescent light bulb to an energy star compact fluorescent light bulb, to businesses converting entire systems and methods of operation to more environmentally sustainable ones. One such individual decided he wanted to make an impact on his family, his neighborhood, his employees and the environment, by completely switching his dry cleaning methods to a wet cleaning process.

Sung Han and Yevonne Lee, owners of Hesperian Cleaners Inc., have been in the dry cleaning business since 1982, but as the growing awareness of the toxic chemical Perchloroethylene, known as PERC, used in traditional dry cleaning methods, became evident and the federal Clean Air Act under California’s Proposition 65 was approved in 1986, Lee became determined to find a non-toxic, alternative method for his dry cleaning business. Lee found alternative methods, but they were all still chemical-based, which could be harmful in some way or another. In 2006, Lee attended a dry cleaner’s convention and was immediately sold on a professional wet cleaning system. The process is new technology from Germany and uses no solvents, produces no chemicals, no hazardous waste, does not have typical dry cleaning odor, and is fresher and gentler on clothes by using specially formulated, biodegradable detergent. Without hesitation, Lee converted his traditional dry cleaning apparatus.

With the new wet cleaning system, Lee could rest assured that he was doing his part in sustaining the environment, his employees, his customers, his family and himself as best possible. On March 16, 2007, Lee celebrated his accomplishments by officially removing the Prop 65 sign in his store window. Lee has always been way ahead of his time, as the state of California marked December 31, 2007 as the last day traditional dry cleaning machines could be legally installed in California and by July 2010, cleaners with 15-year old machines will be required to use new systems and dry cleaners with newer machines will only be able to operate those machines until they are 15-years old. The state of California’s ban totally outlaws the use of traditional PERC machines by 2023.

Lee’s conversion to a green cleaning process has not only had an impact on the environment, but he continues to share his knowledge by hosting workshops, open houses and consulting with other cleaners and government agencies. Most of his customers rave about his decision and cleaning results on their garments as being much cleaner and fresher than ever. He has been recognized for his achievements with awards from Acterra and In 2008, Lee won his first Business Environmental Award from Acterra, which recognizes outstanding environmental achievements in the category of Pollution Prevention/Resource conservation in the Bay Area business community and celebrates the accomplishments of businesses with innovative sustainable programs promoting awareness and motivation to companies to adopt sustainable business practices. In December of 2009, Lee won his second environmental award from, an organization formed by the California Air Resources Board. He was the first dry cleaner in the Bay Area to receive the Small Business Excellence Award for being green, recognizing his proactive steps taken to reduce his business’ impact on the climate and his communication of this information to his employees, customers and fellow dry cleaners.

The Lees continue to greet their customers with a sincere and positive attitude when they walk in their doors because they know they have done their best to provide a clean, safe and viable method of cleaning. With their GREEN cleaning system, Sung Han and Yevonne Lee and Hesperian Cleaners Inc. are able to produce whiter whites, brighter colors and blacker blacks, while reducing their carbon footprint on the environment, and providing their customers, their family and themselves with a cleaner future. If you haven’t experienced the Lee’s green cleaning method yet, bring your next dry cleaning order to them and let them show you the difference. Hesperian Cleaners Inc. is a certified Green Business in Alameda County. Hesperian Cleaners Inc. has three locations in San Lorenzo, Castro Valley and Danville. Visit their website at for addresses and hours.

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